zero setup syntax highlighter for bloggers

15 Jul 2011

          It was two days back I used gist for the first time. Before that I used syntax highlighter . It was a nice once but setting up this was a nightmare.So googled for the some another syntax highlighter. There I got gist. I really amazed with its zero setup feature. From the first try itself i got the desired output.

Here is the steps I done to show my code in syntax highlighting.
  • Copied the source code and created new gist.
  • Copied the embed code from the gist and paste it in content editor right here.yes right here in the content editor (after switching to html) of blogger (where i need to show the source code) itself.
 Yes, its done. The code is showing in my blog with perfect syntax highlighting. :D.
  1. Zero setup
  2. code is well source controlled and head version is available here.
  3. more languages are supported
  4. Languages are automatically selected.
  5. Better performance.
  6. Source code is centralized. When you need any corrections you just need to update only the gist, all the blogs will be updated.
  1. Showing raw data make the whole web page refresh.
      The Pros and cons are my own opinions. There is a chance for your opinion to be different ;). I am waiting for it. :D

Happy blogging.

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