python : list all packages installed

28 Oct 2011

If you have some background on ruby then surely, you have been used gem list to get the list of installed modules. In this blog post we will see how to list all the modules installed in python. There are two ways you can get the list of installed packages on python.
  1. Using help function
    You can use help function in python to get the list of modules installed. Get into python prompt and type the following command. This will list all the modules installed in the system.You don't need to install any additional package for listing it, but you need to manually search or filter the required module from the list.
  2. using python-pipEven though you need to install additional package for using this, you can easily search or filter the result with grep command. Eg : pip freeze | grep feed
You can use any of this method which you think it is convenient for you. Thanks
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