How to use sendsms gem

01 Feb 2012

         After working on sending SMS in php via, recently I thought of writing the same in ruby. That resulted in the creation of sendsms gem. Even though I wrote enough code for the functionality, currently it lacks a proper documentation. So I thought of writing a "How to use sendsms gem". I am planning to do a better document and mean while I hope this will help you to use this gem. There are lot more work to do in the gem for easy use. Currently this gem can be used to send sms in India only. The code is open at github. You can report the issue and feature requests also on github issues page.

The Flow
        The simple steps to use this gem is
  1. Install the gem
  2. Require sendsms class
  3. Instantiate sendsms class
  4. call the login instance method
  5. call send or send_to_many instance method to send the SMS
  6. call the logout instance method
        The installation of the sendsms gem can gone as simple as the other gems in

Sending individual SMS
        The send method is used to send individual SMS.

Sending Group SMS
        You need to pass the msisdns as a semicolon seperated string to send group sms. The send_to_many method is used for Group SMS.

Future plans
       The current checklist for the future are
  1. Remove the explicit call for login and logout with the use of autologin and auto logout flags. 
  2. Proper documentation with yard.
Please drop a word if you think my work worth, and it may help for betterment of gem.
Thank You.
If you find my work useful, I appreciate donations via PayPal.
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