Embed files from github repository into webpage

25 Aug 2012

I am sure that you here because, you have a situation that you need to embed a file from a github repository to your webpage/blog. right?

I was in the same situation once, so I googled and got a perfect solution for my need and now for yours.


Gist-it is your solution for it. A man named "Robert Krimen" is kind enough to create a application so that we can embed any file from github repository to our webpage/blog. You can do it as simple as in three steps, just like you embed a gist, hoping you are familiar with embedding gist. 
  1. Copy github url of the file you like to embed.
  2. Submit it to Gist-it and copy the script tag generated.
  3. Use the script tag copied in you blog, same as you use gist.

A sample file is embedded here.

Github url of file : https://github.com/revathskumar/dotfiles/blob/master/zsh/aliases.zsh

If you like to contribute to this project here is the source code in github.
Hope you got it. Now start embedding it.
If you find my work useful, I appreciate donations via PayPal.
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