Slides : flash talk on MariaJS and Yeoman

18 Nov 2013


This is just a summary of my unprepard flash talk on MariaJS and Yeoman in KeralaJS meetup. I was really happy that I am able to introduce MariaJS and Yeoman to community. Most of them were already heard and used about Yeoman, But MariaJS was really new to everyone. I started my talk with What’s MariaJS and How it’s different from other MV* frameworks. My intension was not to start a debate on JS frameworks, but rather make them understand other JS frameworks availabe now are not MVC.


Since there were no slides, I was not able to share them who is behind and where you can find the docs and more details of it. Please find those details below.

Here is the explanation of MVC by Peter Michaux.

There is a model that is at the heart of the whole thing. If the model
changes, it notifies its observers that a change occurred. The view is the
stuff you can see and the view observes the model. When the view is
notified that the model has changed, the view changes its appearance. The
user can interact with the view (e.g. clicking stuff) but the view
doesn't know what to do. So the view tells the controller what the user
did and assumes the controller knows what to do. The controller
appropriately changes the model. And around and around it goes.


Yeoman helps you to generate bootstap for your application. You can turn your idea into prototype within in 10 mins and no more manual setup for your project. Yeoman will create directory structure, bootstrap files, download libraries for you.

If you want, you can take a look into my presentation from Kerala Ruby User Group meetup in August 2013.

And at last here is my source from which I said Rails is not MVC.

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