Github : Routing organization notifications to official email

13 Dec 2013

Until 2 weeks before I used Github only for my personal and opensource works. But now my offical work is also on Github. This put me on little trouble. All the notification of our organization keep coming on my personal email which is the default email of my github account. So I want some way to route my offical organizational notification to my offical email address.

Github already have option to do the routing, but I came to know about that only after some googling. Here is how you can do custom routing of email in github.

Add and verify email

Before getting started make sure that you added your offical email to you github account. Goto Accout Settings > Emails to add it. Also please don’t forget to verfiy email before moving to next step.

Github Emails

Setup custom routing

After verifing setting up official email you can goto Account Settings > Notification center. In that pay attention to Notification email section.

Github Notification emails

Now you can choose the Edit link across each organization listing to setup the corresponding emails. Afterwards all the notification from that organization will receive in the corresponding email.

Hope you find this post helpful. Go ahead and use github like pro. ;)

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