KeralaJS : Meetup April 2014

03 May 2014

Last saturday(2014-04-26), we had our 5th KeralaJS meetup at Toobler. We started our meetup with introduction to KeralaJS for our new members. Then moved to live coding session by Deepak Kumar on “Introduction to Ember.js”. The session continued till 4, explaining how to get started with Ember and various features of it.

After the coding session, we went for a networking break for 20 minutes and back for my talk on Maria.js. I started it with explaing classic MVC and why JavaScript frameworks are not actual MVC (Classic). I explained how Model 2 pattern got confused with MVC and ignited a discussion on MVC and patterns.

Our last talk was by Praseed Pai and he about the JavaScript port of his compiler, “Slang”. He also showed us running it on Google chrome. He actually inspired us to write a compiler by saying “Writing a compiler now a days are really easy”.

After that we wind up our 5th meetup by listing our plans for next meetup. Before I finish I would like to thank Toobler again for hosting us a wonderful meetup.


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