handlebars.js : Register custom helpers and chaining

24 Nov 2014

Handlebars.js won’t allow you do any data manipulation from the view. So if you didn’t use presenter or manipulated data before bringing to view, you will be in trouble. One way you can get though this is by defining custom helpers for data manipulation. I personaly prefer not to use lot of helpers and use only if I can’t avoid.

Register Helper

Handlebars.registerHelper('total_price', function(price, quantity) {
  total = price;
  if(typeof quantity == "number") {
    total = price * quantity;
  return total;

Now you can use this as

{ { total_price this.product.price this.quantity } }

Chaining helpers

Handlebars won’t allow you to chain the helpers. And as per the @wycats, he doesn’t have any plan to add this feature. But some handlerbars fans have done some workarounds to support this.

// https://github.com/wycats/handlebars.js/issues/304#issuecomment-15635762

Handlebars.registerHelper('chain', function () {
    var helpers = [], value;
    $.each(arguments, function (i, arg) {
        if (Handlebars.helpers[arg]) {
        } else {
            value = arg;
            $.each(helpers, function (j, helper) {
                value = helper(value, arguments[i + 1]);
            return false;
    return value;

which can be used as

{ { chain "taxAdd" "formatPrice" this.product.price } }

You can see the detailed discussion over wycats@handlebars.js#304

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