Slides : Introduction to Rack

30 Dec 2014

In our last Kerala Ruby meetup I took a session on Intro to Rack. From the beginning of my journey on Rails, I always thought of learning how rails works, but didn’t get enough time.

For a long time I was hearing that Rails and most Ruby web frameworks are build on top of Rack. Those times I thought rails was full of magic, but the moment I started learning Rack : The modular web interface for ruby I came to know that actually the magic happens at Rack level and Rails just add some colors to it with the help of various middle wares.

For me, I have another reason why I started learning Rack. Recently I started learning Express.js the most popular web framework for Node.js which build based on Rack architecture. Now I have double benefit on investing time in learning Rack architecture and how its middle ware stack works.

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