JavaScript : Using backbone router alone

24 Apr 2015

In many projects I needed the functionality of a router. Adding backbone just for the router seems heavy for me beacause heavily coupled with Underscore.js. But then I found exoskeleton.

Exoskeleton is a faster and leaner Backbone for your HTML5 apps. It’s not coupled with any external libraries and you can make a custom build with modules you only need. There are other routers available for javascript but I prefer this because I already know its api.

Custom build of Backbone Router

Creating a custom build with exoskeleton is easy. Clone exoskeleton from github.

git clone

Now in the lib directory there will be the individual modules without any dependencies. In those files header and footer are some common files you require in most builds.

Since I need only router with event capabilities, this is what my custom build look like.

cat lib/{header,utils,events,history,router,footer}.js > exoskeleton.js

Then minify using make if needed. Its uses uglifyjs for minification.

make min

Now I have the independent Backbone.Router which I can use with any other javascript framework.

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