PHP : Passing Anonymous functions (Closures)

24 Aug 2015

Recently when I was writing a PHP API wrapper for a external service, I thought of writing it as independent module which can be plugged into any PHP application. Everything went nice but when I need to do some logging I was forced to depended on application.

So I thought of plug in a logger. Then I came to know about PHP Anonymous functions (Closures) which can be used to pass a function as a callback to another function like in JavaScript.

So I modified my Api wrapper like

Class Api {
    private static $log;

    public static function setLogger($func) {
        self::$log = &$func;

    public static function errorLog($st) {
        $func = &self::$log;

    public function doSth() {
        self::errorLog('In doSth');


Now when we use it, I can set my logger to application logger without any issues and still my wrapper is totally independent of my application.

Class Logger {
    public static function log($statement) {
        printf("%s \r\n", $statement);


$api = new Api;


So now in my Api wrapper, when I call self::errorLog the error will be logged into the application log itself.

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