Browserify : Multiple bundles with gulp

10 Feb 2016

In my application I want bundles for each pages and a separate bundle for vendors/libraries. In my other post on separate bundles I used two different gulp tasks, but in this case I can’t create multiple tasks for each end points.

So I kept all the entry files in root of my js folder and moved other modules inside other folder and used node glob to find all entry points, iterate and build/watch.

import browserify from 'browserify';
import watchify from 'watchify';
import gulp from 'gulp';
import glob from 'glob';
import es from 'event-stream';
import source from 'vinyl-source-stream';
import buffer from 'vinyl-buffer';

gulp.task('build:pages', done => {
  glob('./src/*.js', (err, files) => {
    if (err) {
    const tasks = => {
      const b = browserify({
        entries: [entry],
        extensions: ['.js'],
        debug: true,
        cache: {},
        packageCache: {},
        fullPaths: true

      const bundle = () => {
        return b.bundle()

      b.on('update', bundle);
      return bundle();
    es.merge(tasks).on('end', done);

We need event-stream to merge streams and we can call bind end event on merged stream.

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