Teach your team to ship

18 Feb 2016

Even your startup grown to 5 to 20 tech engineers, it’s still a startup. And in startup shipping is more important than just completing the task. Yes they are different. I have seen people who complete the task and test it, just to move the task from “IN PROGRESS” to “DONE”. Is that enough?

Nope. especially when you are building an api, we should think of how it is used and how their UI is else we will building an api which is in appropriate for the api consumers.

So we need to teach the team how to build things which is useful for others and take responsibility until it goes production and have happy users. The task is not just writing business logic and testing. Here are some tasks after that

  • Update the docs
  • Update the team who will be using it.
  • Deploy to staging
  • Deploy to production by co-ordinating with the team who consumes api.

Once it is in production, still we need to see things are working fine. thats the moment we call it “SHIPPED”. That means the developers task is not complete until the task moves from “DONE” to “SHIPPED”.

So “DONE” is not enough, we need to teach our team to “SHIP”.

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