Opinion : On Delivery

13 Dec 2018

To ship something, we should first know what to ship and why are we shipping this.

Even though we don’t know the answer to why?, answer to What? is a must.
Consider, we don’t know the answer to What?. Its like a journey we take without knowing destination. People we meet in the journey will give different suggestions and we take those. We travel a lot, put lot of effort and money into it but no use because we don’t know where we are going.

Same happens in shipping a software or a module of it. Since we haven’t frozen the design or the requirements we tend to keep changing things.

Program Manager will come with one.
Business Analyst with another opinion.
Later the Engineering Manager with the third one.

By the end of the sprint, at the time of demo. the question will come

Is that what we worked for the whole sprint?

Nobody want to think about the changes happened to the requirements or to the design.

The problem is clarity on what to deliver and not the efficiency of the developer.

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