JavaScript: Mediator pattern

29 Nov 2014

When I thought of decoupling modules in Whatznear, first thing I want to get rid of using $.trigger for each and everything. That doen’t mean I don’t wanna trigger events anymore, but I want some other way for modules to communicate with others and it should not make themselves dependencies. Thus I though of introducing a Mediator for inter module communication. I introduced Mediator along with Module pattern.

Mediator = (function(){
  var subscribe = function(channel,func, context) {
      Mediator.channels[channel] = [];
    Mediator.channels[channel].push({context: context, callback: func});
    return this;

  var publish = function(channel) {
    var args =, 1);
    var subscripions = Mediator.channels[channel];
    for(i=0; i < subscripions.length; i++) {
      subscripion = channels[i];
      subscripion.callback.apply(subscripion.context, args);
    return this;

  return {
    channels: [],
    publish: publish,
    subscribe: subscribe

Using $.on and $.trigger introduces unnecessary dom dependencies between modules, but in Mediator all the modules have only one dependency Mediator. All the modules can now subscribe to an event using subscribe method.

Mediator.subscribe('some-event', func, this);

Also any module can publish event using publish method.

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