Bundle using Browserify

30 Jan 2016


Browserify helps you to bring node modules to browser. You can write frontend javascript as commonjs modules and require in browser. Also it helps to manage packages using npm and we no more need a different package manager for frontend.

// utils.js
var get = function () {

var set = function () {

module.exports = {
  get: get,
  set: set

Now I can require this module in my other modules like

// src/start.js
var utils = require('./utils.js');


Now we can bundle this common js modules using browserify. We will start with installing the browserify.

npm install --save browserify

Now we an bundle it using the browserify command.

./node_modules/.bin/browserify src/start.js -o index.js

Now you can use the index.js in browser using script tag.

<script src="index.js"></script>

Watch and bundle

If you want browserify to bundle each time you make change to source, you need to install watchify.

npm install --save watchify

Now you can watch and bundle each time you make changes to source.

./node_modules/.bin/watchify src/start.js -o index.js


Tranforms can be used to convert source files like converting .coffee files or convert ES6 to ES5 while bundling. In order to to this you need to install tranforms like coffeeify or babelify.

For transform ES6, you need to install babelify and babel-preset-es2015.

npm i --save babelify babel-preset-es2015

Now you can use -t option to specify the transform while bundle.

./node_modules/.bin/browserify -t [ babelify --presets [ es2015 ] ] src/start-es6.js -o index-es6.js

When you provide options for babelify make sure to put spaces around the [ and ].

You can also specify presets using .babelrc. You can find more information at babeljs setup.

Using with react

You can use browserify with babelify to bundle react modules as well. For that you need to install babel-preset-react.

npm i --save babelify babel-preset-react

Now specify react along with es2015 preset in --presets option.

./node_modules/.bin/browserify -t [ babelify --presets [ es2015 react ] ] src/start.jsx -o index.js

You can pass the same options to watchify to watch and bundle the changes.

We will discuss the browserify with gulp, splitting the bundles and making the bundling faster in the upcoming posts.

image courtesy braveterry.com

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